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Joint Legal Custody
Joint Legal Custody
Joint Legal Custody

“When Peace Talks mediators say that they creates peace in the world one family at a time, they mean it and they deliver. I never hesitate to refer friends and family in conflict to Peace Talks; they are truly the leaders in the field of divorce mediation. I know the people I refer will receive the utmost in caring, professional and expert service.”

Nina Andro, Owner, Acclaim Mgmt. Consulting Inc.

Joint Legal Custody






Joint Legal Custody
Joint Legal Custody
Divorce Courts Divorce Mediation or
Custody Mediation
•  Lengthy & time consuming
•  Judges have little time to hear the details of your divorce case, often less than 5 minutes
•  Scheduling conflicts between courts and litigants cause expensive delays
•  You may only get a minute or two to testify about your case
•  Unpredictable outcomes
•  You may have to make decisions about your divorce settlement in a split second in a crowded hallway
•  No confidentiality—all court files are public records. Soon, they will be available online
•  Costly — each hour your lawyer spends waiting, you pay, even if no progress on your case ismade
•  Stressful
•  Courts by their adversarial nature encourage combat, which is not conducive to a healthy family life after the legal divorce proceedings are over
•  You determine the schedule and issues
•  You control the mediation cost, which is usually about 1/10 to 1/3 the cost of a typical divorce case
•  You make the decisions in mediation that you'll be living with
•  You have the flexibility in mediation of taking time to consider how a decision will affect your family long term. You can try out agreements before you sign the final Divorce Agreement
•  Mediation is Confidential
•  You control the outcome in mediation, and  because of this, agreements made in mediation typically work better than those negotiated in the courthouse hallway minutes before a divorce trial
•  You can always go to court if mediation doesn't work
•  Cost-effective
•  Faster
•  Less stressful
•  Healthier for your and your family, since part of mediation is learning to communicate better, which is especially important when children are  involved
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