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Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation
Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation
Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation
Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation

“Peace Talks mediators are dedicated, focused, clear and empathic as they work with couples in effecting a fair and equitable dissolution of their marriage.”

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Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation






Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation
Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation


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The financial information on the following pages is important.  If you need help in completing any item, please let the Dispute Resolution Associate know.

Please bring this information to the mediation session, along with documentation for the items on the sheet (i.e., bank statement, appraisals, etc.).  Please also bring or have available copies of Federal and State income Tax returns for the past three years and W-2 forms or copies of your pay stubs.  
         Enter the value of each of the following items of property as precisely as you can.  Also identify the property as precisely as possible, including account numbers, names of banks, etc.  List according to the name the property is titled under.  


A. Real Estate (Residence, Vacation Home,and Investment): Fair market value
(what you could sell it for today)
(debt owed)
B. Checking Accounts and Saving Accounts:  List bank or financial institution and last 4 digits of account  
  Bank Name: Amount:    
C. Vehicles, Boats, Trailers (year, make
and model):
Fair market value
(today’s sale price)
Loan amount owed today  
D. Credit Union and Deposit Accounts      
  (Account name, number, bank and      
  Branch) :      
  Bank Name: Amount:    
E. Cash (Give location):      
F. Tax Refund:  tax year & amount, State or Federal debt    
G. Miscellaneous Assets – Patents Fair market value        Debt owed  
  Trademarks, Copyrights, Royalties      
  Stock Options, etc.:      
Life Insurance with Cash Surrender Cash Value    Loan amt. Death Benefit
or Loan:      
H. Stocks, Bonds, Secured Notes,    
  Mutual Funds: List financial institution & acct. number Loan?  
I.  Personal Effects, Antiques or Art, Tangible    
  Personal Property (valued at $500 or more):    
J. Pension plans, Keogh, IRAs or Today’s Value Loan Amt  
  Profit Sharing Plans, (Please      
  Furnish last statement):      
K.  Accounts Receivable and Unsecured      
  Notes: (money others owe you) Amount    
L.  Partnerships and Other Business Fair market value Loans owed  

If you are involved in a lawsuit (either plaintiff or defendant) or have separate property claims (premarital assets, inheritances, gifts from your family), please let us know.



A. Student Loans: List debtor and acct # Amount you owe today    
B. Personal Loans and Notes Payable to Banks and Others:    
C. Credit Card Debts: (list card name & number)      Amount you owe today    
D. Other Debts (including store charges,      
  debts to other spouse or parents): Amount you owe today    
A. Taxes owed: (give tax year and state or federal)  Amount you owe today    
  Security Code Same Sex Couples Mediation, Estate Planning Mediation
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